"We Breathe Team Power!"

Lech Alexander Murawski

Administration & Infrastructure

Creativity & Growth

Research & Development

Hasan Cihan Gürses
Head of Project Management
Tony Fu
R&D Project Manager
Victor Z. Yapmis
R&D Project Manager
John Chen
R&D Project Manager
Noah Zerkin
R&D Project Manager
Mabel Zhang
Operations Manager
Jim Wu
Head of Mechanical Engineering
Charley Lee
Senior Mechanical Engineer
Dylan Li
Mechanical Engineer
Roger Jiang
Head of Electrical Engineering
Stark Chen
Electronic Engineer
Harry Qin
Electronic Engineer
Todd Su
EE Assistant
Joe Cai
Head of Software Engineering
Jake Chen
Senior Firmware Developer
Vernon Zhang
Firmware Developer
Ben Chen
Firmware Developer
Charles Zhu
App Developer
Louis Grenard
Chief Architect & Lead Developer
CJ Cai
Head of NPI
Sugary Ya
NPI Manager
Bobby Ge
NPI Manager

Supply Chain Management

Online Sales & Fulfillment

The core of NOA Labs is a handpicked special task force for idea generation, design, creative engineering and business development. All team members are highly motivated, open minded and absolutely experienced in their domain. Trained to solve problems, get things done, fight to accomplish given goals and realize the vision behind it. A network of highly specialized freelancers is supporting us whenever we need to boost our capacity, solve extreme tough problems or add the certain something.

Join Us

Exceptional companies are built by exceptional people

We are always looking for qualified people to extend our team and network of freelancers. It does not matter if you are pupil, student, fresh graduated or have already 30 years of work experience: If you love tech, getting things done and turning ideas into reality then JOIN US!

Accelerate with us the future and we will accelerate you! With plenty of new experience, interesting projects, people, fun, contacts, references and a good salary. If you have the potential we will boost you also with further training and education, encourage you to make your Master, Ph.D. or MBA or even start your own company - if you can convince us with your idea! An extreme intense job within an extreme unique team is waiting for you.

We are currently seeking the following positions. Please click on the link and follow the instructions in the file when applying.

Marketing Specialist

Sourcing Specialist

Community Manager

E-Commerce Marketing Manager

Industrial and Packaging Designer