From consumer electronics to Industrial IoT devices to standalone apps, we have produced designs for UI and UX for startups and established businesses across numerous industries. From concept to prototyping to a beautifully  functioning app, our experienced design team can deliver the experience that’s needed. 

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User Interface vs User Experience

There was a time when standalone products ruled the world. The massive growth in smartphones, apps, and IoT devices has changed that. Users can now control and interact with devices  in ways that couldn’t have been even imagined just a decade ago.

We have designed products with many types of controls and user experiences – including voice, gesture and touch interaction, biometrics, keys, audio command, gesture movement, among others. So when it comes to outputs, we have you covered – from high-performance motion, audio, video, vibration, LED light pipes, to complex interfaces designs. 

As your co-creation partner, our team will be with you from idea to delivery, with all the research, testing, and analytics that’s needed to maximise the user’s experience with your product.

Our in-house  embedded design and software engineering teams will experiment, test, and refine your ideas to turn them into engaging, positive experiences. From this, we’ll then design, wireframe and prototype interactive applications and interfaces that will turn your ideas into engaging, positive experiences for users to easily enjoy and use your product.

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