Mechanical Engineering

Whether your project involves building a new concept from scratch, designing a new component or resolving problems with an existing design, our experience in developing mechanical solutions for products at various development stages will help your shorten development time and reduce costs.

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A Design That Works

Our goal is to make beautiful, functional products that are useful, intuitive, and enjoyable for their users. To do this, we consider the product’s functions, its materials, the assembly process and costs to ensure that it can work as designed and be produced within budget.

With a team of mechanical engineers with decades of experience, we are able to handle everything from concept development to troubleshooting manufacturing processes – and everything in between. Our competency includes mechanical system design, electro-mechanical design, detailed 3D CAD modelling, materials and process selection, tolerance stacks and analysis, and 2D production drawings.

From prototype to production, we have the tools, equipment to test products anywhere along the way. Predictive analysis tools give us a unique ability to anticipate failures and focus on the strength of our designs – allowing us to shorten development time and save costs. 

This, coupled with our experience in test protocol development, enables the engineering and validation of reliable products that meet the most demanding safety and performance requirements.

Our expertise includes consumer, industrial, and IoT products, making us an ideal product development partner for today’s interconnected devices.

Mechanical Engineering Activities

Detailed Technical Specifications/ Product Requirements

Structural, Thermal and Fluid Analysis

Mechanism Design

Manufacturability/ Sustainability Assessments

Design For Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA)

Product Assembly Instructions/ Documentation

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