Welcome to NOA Labs

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We are the special task force for creative engineering, generating ideas and realizing visions. We are smart, fast, reliable, professional, agile, creative and innovative. We are engineers with heart and soul, we love smart solutions and we love getting things done.
We want to accelerate the future – realizing own projects and supporting your visions.
Check our services, references or our own projects and learn more about our team, our locations or about us. Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Google+ and Facebook to stay up to date!


Our Services

Everything what you need to bring your idea to market

Generating Ideas

We help you to find new ideas or improve existing products.


We build high-quality mockups or working prototypes for you.

Product Design

We design your hardware or software product.

Mass Production

We setup your production from zero to any quantity you need.

Product Development

We develop electronic, mechanic, firmware, app and cloud.


We ship your product to your warehouse or to every single end customer.

And so much more: Consulting, Sourcing, Testing, Qualifying, Certifying, IP Protection, Supply Chain Management, Quality Control, Life Cycle Management, Recycling, Funding, Sales, Marketing, Training


Kickstart with NOA

We supported several successful crowd funding campaigns with development, prototyping and/or mass production and are happy to provide services from makers for makers.


Why you should choose us?

Because we love getting things done. And you need getting things done. Fast. Smart. Reliable. And with the highest quality. Or exactly the right balance between price, quality and time your budget allows.

3 Years Young

Young and dynamic team of 30 German-Chinese engineers and international freelancers ready to pull their sleeves up and bring your product to market.


German Engineering

German CEO, German engineers and German attitude. To deliver you the highest quality and best engineering possible.

Produced in China

It doesn’t matter if you are big like Apple or a small startup in the USA. If you want to compete on the global market you have to produce in China.

Company News

Francis About Wearables domination

How Wearable Tech is taking over the IoT

Wearables are dominating IoT Written by Jon McGlashan, intern at NOA Labs With the Internet of Things seemingly starting a revolution within the…

Oswis pitching

NOA Labs intern at Hardware Massive in Hong Kong

Hardware Massive in Hong Kong As an intern at NOA Labs, on my second day at the company, my new colleagues gave me the opportunity to join them at…

NOA Labs Office resized

Discount and NOA Labs on AllAboutCircuits.com

NOA Labs team has organized a special discount action on www.smart-prototyping.com until June 30th for the audience of AllAboutCircuits.com - and…

NOA joins the 100km Walk in Shenzhen

Shenzhen is an extreme city. Extreme fast growing, extreme young, super dynamic, motivated and challenging. Not just in tech but also in lifestyle…

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 6.53.01 PM

We are proud to announce that our transition from NOA 1.0 to NOA 2.0 is running on full speed!

Brand awareness and branding transition are common topics for many companies and businesses but timing is often a pre-requisite before digging into…


Talks and Cocktail Event: Exciting Life and People of Shenzhen

On last Sunday, the glass door of Clubo Coffee in Shenzhen’s CBD was wide opened, welcoming more than a hundred people to Talks & Cocktail…

8th designer meetup shenzhen event

8th Designer Meetup Follow Up in Shenzhen, China

Last weekend was held the 8th Designer Meetup in Shenzhen, organized by Madrasters (Design Community) and sponsored by our company, NOA Labs. This…


8th Designer Meetup organised by Madrasters and sponsored by NOA Labs!

No matter what you want to create, it will probably start from your idea and then a designer who will make it more real to your eyes. As a matter of…


NOA Labs and Shenzhen’s Makers’ Spaces: A Good Way To Begin Your Startup…

Shenzhen is highly considered as China's Silicon Valley due to one special area called HuaQiang Bei (华强北), situated in the Futian District…

PCBA NOA Labs Smart prototyping

NOA Labs / Smart Prototyping Claimed as the Best PCBA Service for Hobbyists !

It is always a pleasure to get a great feedback from our fellow customers and this time it is related to a certain kind of services we offer, called…

Project News


PURSE, the electronic wallet developed by NOA Labs for Nucleus Software

NOA Labs is proud to reveal its collaboration with Nucleus Software and the release of PaySe (Press Release), the world’s first secure offline peer…

OpenCVMeter Kickstarter

OpenCVMeter – Rediscover Your Capacitors – Kickstarter Powered by NOA Labs!

Hey There,Once again, NOA Labs strikes the crowdfunding world and helps a project getting light over it. Project started by Mathieu Stephan, who…


Mooltipass Mass Production and Shipment Completed

As you may remember,  one of our customers Mathieu Stephan sucessfully launched an Indiegogo project named Mooltipass on May this year.…


Please Support USBminiPower Project

One of our customers Konstantin Dimitrov lauched a Kickstarter project,  their prototyping is coming from us. Wish it will get sucessfully…


First Prototypes for Mooltipass Project Finished and Shipped!

The last few weeks we have been organizing the first prototyping for Mooltipass. NOA Labs is in charge for the entire PCB manufacturing, part…

1Sheeld 1to1p75 940x538

1Sheeld to Rule them All

Dear Hackers, Makers, Creators and Innovators, As the special task force for creative engineering, prototyping and manufacturing NOA Labs made it…


Production of 3200 PCBAs for Nomiku finished

Our PCBA factory made a great job and finished the production of totally 3450 PCBAs for the Nomiku Sous-Vide cooking devices even faster than…


Production of 3200 Nomikus started

Nomiku is a young startup company from the USA which made more than 0.5 Million USD on Kickstarter. There target is clear: making the fine art of…



EveryCook is an innovative startup project from Switzerland kicked off by Alexis Wiasmitinow with the target to make cooking smarter and easier for…


External Projects and Customers

We have been very busy the last weeks with different engineering, sourcing and prototyping tasks for our customers in Europe, USA and Japan so we had…

Product News


nexpaq Developer’s Kit for first hackathon in Melbourne

Over the last few weeks, our supply chain manage team has worked hard on production, electronic parts purchase and other preparation work of nexpaq…


A New Batch of BlueFlyVario Production were Finished!

We have been working with BlueFlyVario for over 1 year. We offered prototyping and production service to them for their two main projects:…


The Kinetic Mass Production Finished

Another interesting kickstarter project named The Kinetic was finally finished mass production(more than 10K quantity) and sent out to our…



Coming from Germany, we LOVE to build, design and engineer. But we also know that the prices for prototyping components, equipment, and services in…


Makeblock now on Kickstarter

Makeblock is on Kickstarter now! Support or pre-order and get awesome Makeblock kits for an amazing low…


Smart Motor-Driver Rev. 2

The development of our Smart Motor-Driver is moving on and on. The software of the embedded MCU can communicate already with UART, I2C and CAN with a…

Smart Motor-Driver - First Run

First run of our Smart Motor-Driver!

Today electronic and software if finished far enough to try out a first run of our smart motor-driver.And the result is amazing! Thanks to our…


Smart Motor-Driver parts arrived!

After a few days of intensive part sourcing in the electronic market in Shenzhen, the internet and different other sources we have been able to…


Smart Motor-Driver PCB finished!

We just finished the PCB design of our smart motor-driver! It is amazing how many parts, how many intelligence and how many power you can put on a…

Smart Motor-Driver

We just kicked-off the development of our smart motor-driver! We can not tell you too much information about it in the moment, but this motor driver…