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Development services

Working with both startups and enterprises, NOA Labs turns great ideas into market-ready products. So if you’re looking for a one-stop solution to take your project idea to the market or just need help with completing the next stage of your product development, we can help with any area – from design, prototyping, manufacturing to logistics.

Design Services at NOA Labs


Our creative team can support you in brainstorming your next product idea, executing market and patent research, and producing your product’s concept and industrial designs.

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Engineering and Development Services at NOA Labs


Our mechanical, electronics, firmware, app and cloud engineers can develop an entire IoT product from scratch or with your team to cover areas you need support in.

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Manufacturing and Assembly Services at NOA Labs


Our experienced supply chain management team with the support of a reliable network of suppliers will handle any of your sourcing, manufacturing needs.

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What we bring as your project partner

Bringing new products to market today can be challenging and with risks. For startups, it can be difficult to know where to begin and what to avoid. But even for more established companies venturing into new product lines or markets, new developments can often require acquiring new capabilities or expertise.

So as a product development partner, NOA Labs helps startups and SMEs save time, reduce costs, and avoid risks, by offering the opportunity to design and prototype ideas, and then ramp up into full production.

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Quicker Market Launch

With our range of technical skills and industry experience in every aspect of the development cycle, we accelerate bringing your idea to market and reducing risks.

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Full Transparency and 360 IP Protection

After signing an NDA, we begin our partnered approach of defining actions, milestones, and responsibilities to execute a successful and measurable engineering and manufacturing plan.

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Simplified Project Management

Located directly in the world’s hardware capital, Shenzhen, a dedicated project manager from our International team provides you with a single source to oversee your project’s development.

Risk-free Sourcing and Manufacturing Blue Icon

Risk-free Sourcing and Manufacturing

With an extensive network of partners, our supply chain management can handle any of your sourcing, manufacturing and logistics needs.

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On-demand Skills and Resources for Your Team

We fill in missing skills, allowing you to quickly expand your capabilities and scale your team without the overheads.

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Better Focus for Your Business

Focus on your core competencies, while we take responsibility for product development, with our range of technical capabilities and design-led solutions.

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Discover Innovation with NOA Labs at CES

At the CES 2024, NOA Labs will be exhibiting its product development services for IoT and Hardware startups. Join us in person to discuss how we can innovate for your project. You can also register with us for a ticket free to the entire CES 2024 show.

Join us at CES
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