Tooling Management

Working closely with you to optimize your designs for manufacturing, we offer machining and finishing services for making tools and injected molds from a variety of materials and processes, allowing you to mass produce your product efficiently, effectively and reliably.

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Mould Quality Means Product Quality

A successful part starts with a well-designed mold. This complex and precise process determines part manufacturability and lifecycle costs and takes into account the key components of mold design while adhering to a part’s unique specifications.

We understand the range of options you need to consider in deciding upon a material or manufacturing techniques. We also offer a network of industry contacts that can help take the worry out of an injection molding manufacturing project.

Our experience spans all phases of product design, tooling design, plastic injection molding, plastic injection manufacturing, plastic part assembly & the use of rapid prototyped parts & molds production using Stereo Lithography & other known techniques of prototyping.

We use the latest CAD technology and software to create a robust mold design that’s built to SPI standards, as well as mold flow analysis to evaluate all mold designs and parts prior to development.

We also specialize in wide range of Manufacturing Process & Tooling including Machining, Die Casting, Metal and Plastic Injection Molding, Stamping/Fabrications/Forming, Electronic Wiring & PC Board assemblies.

Tooling Management Activities

Parts Tooling Assessment

Injection Moulding

Silicone Moulding

Surface Texture Tolerance Assessment

Mould Transfer & Maintenance

Tool Storage Capacity

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