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Software brings tech products to life. From mobile consumer apps for startups to complex industrial firmware for larger enterprises, our team has a proven track record in bringing software solutions to life.

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A Code That Fits Your Hardware

Without software or firmware, a hardware unit might as well be a pretty box: it’s code that animates a hardware product, giving it life and value to its user. This makes firmware development and architecture capabilities one the cornerstones of our product development offering.

Well before the prototypes show up, our firmware engineering process starts by capturing both the explicit requirements and the subtle implications of the desired end product experience. Then working closely in tandem with ID, ME, and EE, we get a scope of everything – from power draw to CPU cycles and storage requirements. This helps inform block diagram architecture and the eventual component selection earlier.

Working closely with our designers and researchers, our software engineers use the latest technology and know-how to custom design solutions around your product requirements and specific use case, whether it be a standalone app product or firmware supporting your IoT-enabled device.

App & Firmware Activities

System Architecture Development

Firmware Flow Diagrams and Processes Design

Driver Design & Embedded Firmware

Firmware Hex Files Testing and Debugging

Native & Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development

App Store and Google Playstore Certification & Launch

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