Feasibility Study

The foundation of great product and engineering design is in the right research and innovation approach. Our feasibility study will produce a detailed understanding of your marketplace and opportunity for differentiation.

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Plan Right or Fail Later

Knowing just how successful your new product idea will be in the market first requires knowing whether the idea is both technically and economically realisable. This involves asking such questions as: can the product actually be made? Is the product’s competitive basis sustainable? Are its technologies readily available? Are the product and development costs acceptable?

Working together with you, we will gather the necessary information, assess the feasibility of your new product idea, and build a Product Requirement Document (PRD). We’ll then perform a technology assessment and define the best product specs to make sure the challenges involved can be overcome and provide the return you’re looking for. This Product Discovery Phase will provide peace of mind and avoid any unexpected changes in the scope of work which could involve extra costs and delays in the development of your product. 

This is an advantage of working with NOA Labs: as an all-in-one product development company that will work with you along the product development cycle, we are able to solve certain challenges that are discovered from the feasibility study early, allowing you to better concentrate on your business going forward.

Feasibility Study Activities

Product Discovery Phase

Technology Assessment

Product Requirement Document

Technical Feasibility

Product Specs

Minimum Viable Product

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