Industrial Design

Carefully balancing form and function with materials, finishes and manufacturability, our industrial designer services will bring your idea or concept to life. Captured in 3D CAD models, the designs will allow the best feedback from your users, clients or stakeholders.

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Design the Best Product

From sketching to CAD modelling and 3D renderings, our team approaches industrial design entirely within the context of form, function and manufacturability. This means our industrial design outputs aren’t just beautiful images – they are well-thought-out design approaches that balance a product idea with any possible design and manufacturing constraints.

As part of those designs, we will consider the look and feel of your product – or the aesthetics and ergonomics. The Colour, Material and Finishing (CMF) of the product will be carefully selected to ensure the best user experience over the product’s lifetime and will be fit for repeated use in any environment of your choice.

For any type of consumer, industrial or enterprise product,  we can produce new standalone designs for a new singular product or refresh existing designs for products in new markets. This means we can define a totally new set of designs for any product or carry your design language from your existing product line.

Industrial Design Activities

Concept Design

CAD Modelling

Choice of Materials

CMF Exploration

Sketches Evaluation

3D Renderings

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