Packaging Production

When it comes to creative designs and solutions for packaging, we like to think outside the box. Because your product’s packaging is just as important as the product itself,  we will deliver packaging that highlights your product’s functions while helping build your brands’ recognition.

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A Smarter and Safer Packaging Solution

In order to provide the most protective and outstanding packaging solution to your product, we are not afraid to break rules and push boundaries, producing at the quantity you desire the design that best fits your product for the time being.

Packaging production has its own rules that one must abide by, or the costs will increase and the quality might be inferior. The production processes must be carefully chosen so that the external box gets the most beautiful and durable finish texture, while the chosen material will tag along the structural engineering that was performed in packaging design.

Depending on which insert needs to be produced and what kind of material is used, the production method will vary but will be selected accordingly. We can handle numerous situations such as blisters, EPE foams, EVA, moulded pulp, ... so that we can make sure there's always a solution to the design you seek to produce.

Last but not least, if you're looking for affordable and simple solutions, there are many off the shelf options allowing you to only customize the external aspect of your packaging for example.

Packaging Production Activities

Design Layout Optimization

Packaging Production Capabilities Assessment

Materials and Finish Methods Assessment

Package ID & Barcode Label Printing

Consistent Quality Control Inspection

Packaging Assembly & Shrink Wrapping

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