Allowing you to quickly get user feedback and refine functionality, our process of rapid prototyping will ultimately save you time and costs over the course of product development. Discover how our experienced team can construct creative ways to prototype your product idea to get ahead.

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Get It Working Before You Optimize It

Our approach to prototyping is to consider the product, the development risks and the business goals that a type of prototype is to achieve – such as learning about a mechanism is feasible to testing a feature set in the market.

With different types of prototype are appropriate for different stages of development, a feasibility prototype may only be a subsystem or mechanism, whereas a pre-production prototype is as close to the final product as possible. 

We apply lean principles to the prototyping process to make the most of your development budget, using our in-house electronics labs and 3D printers, as well as outside vendors for specific components. This means we can produce prototypes to suit any stage of the development process with your budget. 

So if you’re looking to validate features, understand how components might work together or demonstrate a functional prototype to investors or manufacturers, then NOA Labs can help you prototype at each stage to validate features. 

Prototyping Activities

Prototyping for Concept Designs and Proof of Concept

Prototyping For Visual Presentation and Investors

Functional Prototyping for Beta Testers

Prototyping Methods and Cost Assessment

Rapid Prototyping Methods Implementation

Design Testing and Validation

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