Full Production & Assembly

When you’re looking to manufacture a product, our experienced team and network of reliable, audited suppliers, can manage any of your production and assembly requirements, allowing you to reduce time, risk and costs. Perfect for contract manufacturing or as a part of our turnkey product development.

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Consistency, Precision and Quality Control

When taking your product from an engineered pre-production prototype into production, we will evaluate designs early on to identify which partners to work with. Choosing the right manufacturer as early as possible will smooth the development process, which will reduce the  time, risks and costs that are involved.

An electromechanical assembly can include varying levels of complexity and does not refer to the production of PCB & PCBA. This "Box Build" process is specific to each project, referencing the installation of sub-assemblies, their components, the routing of cabling or wire harnesses, and also the fabrication of enclosures for examples.

While producing and assembling is one large step towards the end of a product cycle, it is also vital to never forget how to inspect and perform a thorough quality control on the products so that one can ensure all products belonging to that run are conformed to the golden sample, avoiding a high defect rate and by the end losses.

Last but not least, we provide a flexible level of transparency in regards of the supply chain so that you feel in perfect control of the situation while we handle the hard work for you and make sure that the production runs smooth with no delay nor issue whatsoever.

Full Production & Assembly Activities

Electromechanical Assembly - Box Builds

Procurement and Inventory Management

Sub-level Product Assemblies

Supply Chain and Packing Continuous Enhancing

Traceability Including End-of-Process Barcoding

Product Reliability Testing & Quality Control Inspection

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