If you’re looking to outsource the management of your supply chain or simply have this part managed as part of a new product development with us, then using our extensive sourcing services will not only minimize costs, but will allow you to focus on the core of your business with greater flexibility.

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Simplify Your Procurement Management

It has become a necessity. If you want to compete on the current market with your competitors, you might have to source suppliers and products in China in order to keep prices as low as possible while keeping a fast order execution. As one knows about it, sourcing in China comes with many challenges, from communication and trust problems to production and quality control issues.

We will simplify your procurement activities by making sure you get the right supply chain for the product and parts you want, and by taking full responsibility on any order you will place. It's all on us and you will never have to deal directly with factories, arguing about issues related to quality, defects, or even development troubles for OEM and ODM products.

We will be the eyes and ears of your sourcing and procurement operations here in China. By offering you strategic sourcing services, we will make sure that you do avoid the common mistakes that you could encounter through due diligence, negotiations, inspections, compliance, legal, and perhaps shipping and logistics.

We are relentless planners and we integrate the full sourcing solution including but not only supplier performance management, inventory controls and tracking, fulfillment processing, materials resource planning techniques, thorough factory audits and inspections, and various quality control methods, all ensuring your customer's orders are managed and delivered accurately and ahead of schedule.

Sourcing Activities

Price Negotiation With Suppliers

Product and Part Sourcing

Professional Factory Audits & Inspections

Import & Export, Compliance Consulting

Supplier Quality Management

Sample Development & Quality Assurance

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