Cloud Development

Leveraging the power of [Azure IoT Hub, Amazon IoT Core, and Google Cloud IoT services], we develop solutions that enable secure and fast communication between devices and the applications they manage – perfect if you’re looking to integrate or optimize cloud connectivity.

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Embrace the Cloud-Enabled Revolution

No matter whether you’re still in development or you’ve already launched your product on to the market, we offer three types of cloud services that can form the backbone of your product’s user experience – integration, optimisation, and migration. 

For initial integrations to improve your app’s speed, security and scalability, we will plug it into major cloud computing services such as  AWS, Azure or Google Cloud. We  can customize or refactor your app prior so that’s primed for  the integration. To test and ensure operations and  data integrity, we will create a hybrid environment in on-device and cloud systems work in synс securely and quickly.

If you already have a cloud environment, we can review and evaluate its app-to-system performance, from which we can then provide recommendations on how to optimise the cloud architecture – which we can of course then do for you.

If you’re wanting to move a legacy solution to public or private clouds, we can perform a risk and code analysis. From this we can develop an elaborate migration plan for minimal or zero downtime during migration.

Cloud Development Activities

Cloud Assessment Consulting

Cloud Infrastructure Management

Integration With Major Cloud Services

Continuous Deployment & Performance Optimization

Cloud Application Migration & Integration

Cloud Monitoring & Maintenance

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