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With our range of technical skills and industry experience in every aspect of the development cycle, we accelerate startups and enterprises in launching their product ideas to market with our end-to-end services.

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Service OfferingFeasibility and Scope of Work NOA Labs


Feasibility & Planning

We start with a clear review of your project from your requirements. Our designers identify and refine your needs according to market opportunities. Our engineers will also assess technical feasibility and identify areas of risk and any missing requirements. Together this produces an estimation of costs and time for product design and development, along with the assignment of a dedicated project manager.

  • Feasibility analysis
  • Project timeline & cost planning
  • Technology assessment
  • Sourcing & key component selection
  • Product requirement & spec development
Services Concept and Industrial Design NOA Labs


Concept & Industrial Design

The final concept needs visualizing and prototyping to show how it might work, look, and feel. This allows for better consideration of elements such as materials, manufacturability, mechanisms, and construction. Our experienced designers create 3D CAD models and 3D-printed models for hardware, and wire-framing and design mock-ups for software. Our rapid prototyping approach allows us to quickly identify problems and develop solutions early in the product development process.

  • Product concepts generation
  • Web & cloud design
  • Industrial design
  • Packaging consulting & design
  • App UI & UX Design
Service Offering Engineering Product Development NOA Labs


Hardware & software

No matter how simple or challenging, our mechanical engineers prepare your product to exacting standards for manufacturing, ensuring that all mass-produced parts work and fit together off the production line. Our electrical engineers design reliable PCBs to enable components like LEDs, WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC modules, sensors, HD displays, cameras, and more to work together seamlessly. From control systems to mobile apps, our software team can then design, implement, and test custom solutions to ensure that your hardware or application works just as it should.

  • Mechanical engineering
  • App development
  • Electronic engineering
  • Web & cloud development
  • Firmware development
  • Prototyping & testing
Service Offering Tooling and Manufacturing NOA Labs


Manufacturing & supply

With the BOM and supply chain optimized, our project management team can manage the manufacturing and delivery stage on your behalf, allowing you to take out all the guesswork of what can otherwise be a complex and intimidating process. Working closely with you at every point, and providing regular updates, we co-ordinate quotes, tooling, testing, quality control, production trials, and packaging and fulfillment by liaising directly with suppliers for you.

  • Bill of material optimization
  • QC setup & execution
  • DFM, DFA & tooling
  • Global fulfillment solutions
  • Manufacturing & final assembly

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From design and prototyping to manufacturing and fulfillment, our services help startups and enterprises turn projects into products that scale. Discover how we can take you to market.

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Founded in 2012, NOA Labs aims to make product development and manufacturing accessible to everyone through its innovative and high-performing end-to-end development services.

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