PCB / PCBA Production

With extensive expertise, our PCB design engineers utilize industry-standard design and verification tools to provide almost every type of custom PCB layout you’ll need. To speed up the development cycle for you, our PCBA services provide a one-stop shop for PCB design and assembly.

PCB Assembly Production Line

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Affordable and Reliable PCBAs to your Door

Printed circuit board assembly usually involves a specific manufacturing process that requires extreme attention to detail in order to avoid unnecessary defects and issues afterwards in the hands of the end customer. Multiple factors must be taken in consideration such as the type of board, the components, the assembly technology, the inspection processes and the testing methods.

Our team of supply chain management will make sure, no matter if you request low or high production volumes, to maintain a consistent quality throughout all your orders. Providing an expert support, they can also help decrease the cost per unit by providing a BOM (Bill Of Materials) optimization, sourcing cheaper components of similar quality here in China.

In terms of capabilities, we cover a wide range of possibilities such as rigid and flexible PCBs, Surface Mount Technology (SMT), Through-Hole technology (THT), double sided, and more complex if necessary. We will find the right partner according to your needs but also depending on the details of your order.

Producing is one part of the process. We will also make sure that visual and other inspection types such as X-ray, AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) or ICT (In-Circuit Test) are thoroughly performed in order to limit the defect rate to a maximum level of tolerance, providing a smooth experience and a heart at peace for one of the most critical production processes in hardware products.

PCB & PCBA Production Activities

PCB & Assembly Type Assessment

Electronic BOM Optimization

PCB & Assembly Manufacturing

Low to High Production Volumes

PCB Assembly Inspection & Testing

Cable and Wire Harness Assembly

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