New Product Introduction

Getting new products ready for release can be time-consuming, intimidating, and subject to many pitfalls. Our best practices for NPI will ensure that your product development and introduction will be delivered at the expected cost, equality and speed – all while avoiding common pitfalls.

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Your Transition to Manufacturing

The companies that are most successful at the development and launch of a new product follow an organized and well-planned process: New Product Introdiuctioin (NPI). With products needing to be designed, developed, tested, produced, and shipped, the launch of a product involves and affects many teams, product lines, and supply chain partners. All of them have to be cooridnated and on the same page. 

A good New NPI process will provide the complete blueprint of taking your idea through its various structured phases, allowing a finished product to be launched into to the marketplace on time, on budget and with the quality that customers expect.

With an overview of the delivery goal, our NPI process is driven and managed by our cross-functional team approach, which keeps a check on every aspect of the project, ensuring your project meets specific criteria before moving onto the next phase in its process.

The NPI plan we create for you will help you meet cost, quality, and scheduling goals – all while eliminating costly mistakes that could lead to excessive rework or customer complaints. 

New Product Introduction Activities

Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA)

Processes, Materials and Tooling Assessments

Supply Chain Readiness For Production

Beta Design And Build Verification Cycles

Design / Engineering / Production Validation Testing (DVT, EVT, PVT)

Manufacturing Plan, Work Instructions, And Quality Plan

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