Thank You for Choosing Our Part Sourcing and PCBA Service!


Thank You for Choosing Our Part Sourcing and PCBA Service!

During the past two years Smart Prototyping provided part sourcing, PCB manufacturing and PCB assembling service to over 200 customers from five continents, especially America, Europe and Oceania.We worked on more than 500 different projects, prototyped thousands of PCBAs and shipped them to our customers all over the world to boost their development.


From quotation request, processing orders, quality control, packing to shipping we keep improving our service. We are happy when our customers are happy and we are proud that most of our customers are coming again and again to us for new projects, prototypes and mass production. But also more and more new customers are trying out our services thanks to recommendations from other developers and makers.

Besides, we are developing strong vital and efficient working relationship with 1Sheeld, Nomiku, EveryCook, Mooltipass, listo and others.

On the occasion of the 2th anniversary of NOA Labs we want to say thanks to all our dear customers. Thanks for your support in the past two years and for all the interesting projects you sent to us! We will continue to provide the high quality service for you and work hard to improve ourselves every day.


Elaine Ni

Supply Chain Manager