A startup bootcamp for entrepreneurs. Get ready for your next innovative product idea.
Top Reasons Why Startups Fail
*Funding issues  70%
25% Delivery issues**
  • No market need
  • Run out of cash
  • Not the right team
  • Get outcompeted
  • Cost underestimation
  • Project management issues
  • Project complexity
  • Lack of experience or competences
only 5% succeed
how to get there?
Become an attractive startup for investors throughout workshops

You must be well prepared to pitch your disruptive idea to investors and drive your project.

  • Why Shenzhen? Why China?
  • Product Life Cycle – From Idea to After Sales
  • How to utilize local resources on early stages?
  • Remote Project Management
  • Business Plan and Company Life Cycle
Avoid failures when sourcing suppliers and protecting your IP

No matter what you will need to manufacture in China to stay competitive on the market.

  • Training on how to source in China
  • How to protect your IP from malicious suppliers
  • Meet suppliers and learn to separate good from bad
Identify challenges and risks of prototyping and mass production processes

Selecting the most cost-efficient mechanical solution for every new product requires a certain expertise.

  • Identify all rapid prototyping processes
  • Identify all mass production processes
  • Learn about pros and cons of all common materials
  • Understand the importance of Design For Manufacturing (DFM)
  • Visit factories and oversee the processes with one of our mechanical engineers
Understand the complete development cycle of hardware electronics

Do not underestimate the complexity of hardware development until PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly).

  • Understand the whole PCBA life cycle
  • Understand importance of BOM (Bill Of Materials) optimization
  • Visit PCBA factory and oversee the whole process
  • Understand the importance of Design For Manufacturing (DFM)
  • Visit Final Assembly factory and oversee Design For Assembly (DFA)
Master your next crowdfunding campaign

Learn the most effective hacks and method to raise a six figures crowdfunding campaign.

  • Build a community and create a buzz around your project
  • Go through a Crowdfunding campaign plan
  • Learn pre-launch marketing
  • What to do when campaign is live and after?
Get a dedicated consultation session about your next project

You will have the opportunity to consult our team of experts to improve or kick off your project:

  • Small groups of 5 to 10 participants - lots of opportunities to learn
  • Private consultation under signed Non-Disclosure Agreement