1Sheeld to Rule them All


1Sheeld to Rule them All

Dear Hackers, Makers, Creators and Innovators,

As the special task force for creative engineering, prototyping and manufacturing NOA Labs made it its goal bringing your ideas to market. We are proud to announce that we partnered up with INTEGREITH to bring you the smartest, most versatile and by far best designed Arduino shield ever developed. With 1Sheeld we plan to save you lots of time and money compared to other solutions on the Market:

One shield to rule them all, one shield to find them,
One shield to bring them all and on the smart phone bind them.
(freely adapted from J.R.R. Tolkien)

1Sheeld brings the power of your smart phone quick and easy to the Arduino environment. Every function that comes along with your phone (like GPS, accelerometer, camera, high resolution display or mobile internet), and every function which can be emulated (like a 7-segment display, LCD Display, toggle button etc.) can now be accessed from your Arduino as if you’ve had a special shield for each of these functions.

1Sheeld is the one-stop-solution for every project that needs a lot of sensors, functions and computing power. The possibilities are limitless, think about the internet of things, home automation, smart city, smart car, robots, 3d-printers, wearables or whatever project you always wanted to work on. And the best part, you only need one shield and thus save a lot of money and time trouble shooting and understanding all the different shields necessary.

But let’s not waste any time, Amr and his team at INTEGREITH prepared you an amazing Kickstarter pitch introducing you to the functions and possibilities of their exciting project, while sharing with you the story and idea behind 1Sheeld:
Take a look, enjoy the show and if you love it then directly order your 1Sheeld at a super sweet early bird price. These guys spent a lot of hard work to make this idea happen. Now they need your help to ramp up the mass production, optimize all libraries and Apps and bring you the one shield you have been always dreaming of :-)

1Sheeld = Integreight + NOA Labs + Shenzhen. A perfect Egypt, German, Chinese cooperation.

Featured on TechCrunch, Hack A Day, MakerFlux and soon on many other news, blogs and platforms.



  • amit


  • chenjiajie

    because I can’t express myself frankly in English,forgive ask you question in Chinese!
    我很高兴看到在中国有这样的企业帮助中国人让世界变得更好,我是一位学生,非常支持,也觉得你们的工作实在太棒了。我会一直关注你们,希望你们越办越好,我也能够从中受益。 Thank you!!

  • chenjiajie

    我还想问下,到时候公司是只是出售1sheeld硬件,然后自己去google play下载软件?还是两样一起打包的,大概要花多少钱才可以体验到1sheeld?谢谢

  • athif

    where can i get that 1sheeld?