Map of China’s Manufacturing Industry 2018


Map of China’s Manufacturing Industry 2018

There is no denying, nowadays China still is the place to go for manufacturing hardware products. Besides Shenzhen, which is the Factory of the World, there are other regions in China worth your attention.

In this blog, we will touch on these places regarding their manufacturing industries. Hopefully, it will provide alternatives for you when choosing your manufacturing partners in China.

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Pearl River Delta (PRD) Region

Pearl River Delta (PRD) Region is a large megalopolis stretching along the southern coast of China. It plays a vital role as a connecting point of China to entire South Asia. Cities in this region include Shenzhen, Guangdong, Dongguan and Zhuhai etc. Pearl River Delta region is outpacing the rest of the country in economic growth and innovation.

It’s hard not to hear about this region in the hardware development scene around the world simply because of its significance in the hi-tech and manufacturing industry. The manufacturing industry in this region has such a wide-ranging portfolio including not only electronic products/parts, but also textiles, glass, furniture, sporting equipment and even food and beverages.

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Yangtze River Delta Region

You might not be familiar with the Region, but you can’t possibly ignore the centre of it, Shanghai. The city is often considered the most international city and the economic centre of China. Centred around Shanghai, the Yangtze River Delta region is the wealthiest region in China per capita and makes up one-fifth of the national GDP.

This region includes cities like Hangzhou where the headquarter of Alibaba is located, Suzhou and Wuxi etc. Manufacturing industry in this region is heavy with textiles, metals, electrical equipment and machinery, and automobile.  


For a very long time, Hebei province has been outshined by Beijing and Tianjin, the capital of China and a direct-controlled municipality. However, things are about to change. Having realized the pressure of traffic congestion and population in both cities, China has taken steps to coordinate the development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei city cluster. Xiong’an New Area is going to be established in the north of Hebei province as part of the solution to the coordinative development plan.

According to China Daily, the first group of 48 companies has been approved to set up in this new economic area. All of them are high-end and high-tech enterprises, including internet giants Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent.

Currently, the manufacturing industry in Hebei concentrates on metal products, chemical products and automotive.  However, changes will take place soon in the manufacturing industry. It is steering toward electronic manufacturing as the establishment of Xiong’an New Area and the implementation of the coordinative development plan.

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The coastal area of China has long been gaining more exposure than the inland area. However, recently an increasing number of foreign investors and companies has started looking in.

Chongqing is one of the places they set their eyes on first. In recent years, the Chongqing government has geared towards the development of the electronic manufacturing, high-end equipment manufacturing and new materials manufacturing industry etc. According to China Briefing, back in 2015, electronic manufacturing was already the third fastest-growing industry by profit in Chongqing.

Plus, if you are longing for trying the most authentic Chinese hotpot, Chongqing is the place you shouldn’t miss.

What do you think of this map? Where are you going to manufacture your product next? Let us know in the comment section below!


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