How Wearable Tech is taking over the IoT


How Wearable Tech is taking over the IoT

Wearable are dominating IoT

Wearables are dominating IoT

With the Internet of Things seemingly starting a revolution within the hardware industry and wearable tech being at the forefront of this revolution. I was excited to be able to return to Hong Kong (HK) and experience another event held by Hardware Massive and sponsored by NOA Labs that focused on this type of technology. This time, the event was held at CoCoon, a creative co-working space, covering 9000 square feet of the Citicorp Centre in a very plush and modern building at the center of HK featuring presentations from both Microsoft’s William Dam and Francis Ng from Wearable IoT World.

Hardware Massive attracts Hong Kong startup community

Hardware Massive attracts Hong Kong startup community

The event started with off with a chance for the guests to network with each other over beer and pizza before the speakers took to the stage.

Nick pitching NOA

Nick Dimitrijevic about bringing a wearable device to market

First up my colleague Nick Dimitrijevic gave a brief overview of NOA Labs and the range of products and services that the company has on offer, from the early stage of development and prototyping right the way through to products final distribution. Following Nick was Microsoft’s William Dam, the Head of Product Management, HK, responsible for Windows platform developer adoption and the Microsoft Hong Kong Bizspark Champ. The purpose of the Bizspark Champ being to provide free software, services, tech support, and access to the Azure cloud to start-up companies less than five years old. Throughout the presentation, William demonstrated various different technologies that Microsoft have in the pipeline including Seeing AI an app that when combined with Pivothead SMART glasses enables people with blindness to be able to “see” people and objects around them and even read menus on their behalf. Also Hololens, a headset that brings holograms to life by enabling users to interact with them within their own surroundings.

Francis About Wearables domination

Mr. Francis Ng talks about domination of wearable devices

Next up was Francis Ng fromWearable IoT World. Francis spoke about the growing business of the ‘Internet of Things’ a market that is predicted to grow to $12.2bn by 2018. Francis looked at a range of wearable technologies coming to the market including Grush an interactive game to encourage children to brush their teeth through the use of Bluetooth technology and winner of ‘America’s Greatest Maker’, winning a prize of $1m. Francis also went through other technologies such as TZOA’s wearable enviro-tracker that tracks UV rays and air quality amongst other things and OSVehicle an open source platform for electric cars. By listening to Francis it was obvious that the ‘Internet of Things’ is a fast-growing market and is about much more than just smartwatches.

Panel Discussion

Panel discussion about future of IoT

After a quick break that gave guests a chance to get some refreshments and continue to network the guest speakers were joined on the stage by Ben Wong from the Global Sources Start-up Launchpad and Greg Fisher the organiser of Hardware Massive. Throughout the Q&A session, various questions were answered to do with the Internet of Things, especially to do with wearable technology. The one question that stuck in my mind, however, was regarding how to sell the product once it was ready, something that none of the panelists seemed too keen to answer. Having over 15 years’ sales experience myself in sales, it left me with the question of what is the salesperson’s role within the start-up environment?

Written by Jon McGlashan, intern at NOA Labs