Lifestyle: TED-like crowd-findings in Shenzhen


Lifestyle: TED-like crowd-findings in Shenzhen

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Shenzheners seek for even more inspiration

The latest lifestyle TED-like Talks & Cocktails event has been held on Sunday, April the 10th, organized by Alexbluto community. Clubo Coffee’s venue hosted a crowd passionate in taking new challenges, hungry of new knowledge, but also expecting speakers to give inspiring talks of their life, experience and processes that are going on in their own pipelines.

NOA Labs once again proudly supported Talks & Cocktails event with an idea of sharing excitement of fast growth and quick maturing industries that naturally come with the world’s hardware factory called Shenzhen. Six speakers really shifted the whole atmosphere. First who has stretched not only minds, but also emotions of people, was Mr. Anton Usikov, an Ukrainian graduate of Police Academy who somehow managed to finish the academy. Right after graduation Anton called his father explaining that there is absolutely no way that he is going to work as a policeman, no matter happens. Anton is pursuing a creative life as a filmmaker now and his story is amazing!

anton speaks (3)
Anton Usikov shares his unique life-story

Soon after, Liea Lin and Alex Chen, young Taiwanese professionals in Shenzhen (digression: how much electronics is actually produced in Shenzhen while people think it comes from Taiwan or Japan?) introduced a new generation factory that is fairly automated and modular, reduces write-offs and increases productivity. It is a good solution for big systems, however Chinese labor is still affordable enough – as long as you know how to manage workers. The third speaker, Mrs. Danqing Dai talked about self-actualization and fulfillment through singing she showed us her skill in practice – singing to the audience. An interesting fact about Chinese people is that many can sing with astonishing voices and one of the most popular parties in China is in fact – karaoke party!

leia factory (5)
Liea Lin presents how to highly automate a factory

After diverse speakers, people mingled and appreciated fine wine, fruits and finger food sponsored by NOA Labs. We were happy to strengthen our local network and meet more interesting Shenzheners that constantly inspire us.

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Shenzheners building their networks

Let us ask you something: have you ever surfed? We haven’t – but Mr. Xu Chen has and it is his passion. He shared his surfing experience with the crowd, why the waves inspire him and challenge him. Another interesting speaker, Mr. Henk Werner, who is actually an engineer-inventor, reminded people of some of his engineering achievements and stressed out his readiness to help others to finish their projects – even if it means there is no economical interest from it. No wonder he is finding selfless Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest scientist and inventors of all time, a source of his inspiration. And finally last speaker Mr. Sergey Kaplinchniy closed the Talks with his life-list. He has made a list of 100 things he wants to accomplish and started doing things one by one. Some of these are childish, however this is where the most solid ideas comes from – imagination. It was truly inspiring to listen to his experiences, as there are a number of people who are following his blog and his progress, as well as starting their own lists. What would you have in your list?

sergey speaks (7)

Sergey Kaplinchniy’s life-to-do-list intrigues crowd

Extraordinary people are coming to Shenzhen on a daily basis and our team is fortunate enough to grow together with this exceptional city, by exploring as many opportunities, by accomplishing new projects which allow us to shape the future of not only our lives, but the lives of our clients and our global village. This is our lifestyle; and the reason why we in NOA Labs love Shenzhen.