Talks and Cocktail Event: Exciting Life and People of Shenzhen


Talks and Cocktail Event: Exciting Life and People of Shenzhen

On last Sunday, the glass door of Clubo Coffee in Shenzhen’s CBD was wide opened, welcoming more than a hundred people to Talks & Cocktail Party organized by Alexbluto Lifestyle community, supported by NOA Labs. Six speakers were sharing their interesting experiences, observations and ideas, inspiring and motivating the audience by giving 10 minutes TED-like presentations. They covered a variety of topics: discovering true passions and creating new products out of it; yoga benefits; influence of robots and technology on our daily life and future; and finally, the importance of showing to the rest of the world what Shenzhen really is. The event was very successful, since it has attracted a crowd of diverse interests, and Talks will be regularly scheduled every 4 weeks from now on.


Mr. Bo Wang in the name of Alexbluto Lifestyle greeted the audience from the big stage of Clubo’s minimalistic interior and announced the first speaker. Mr. Pierre Bouchez asked everyone to disconnect and dedicate their time to themselves, saying “no” to ever present screens, especially smartphones. If you install the Checky App to count how many times per day you check your phone, you might get surprised and change your time management tactics.

The next speaker, Mr. Kevin Pinner, Managing Editor at City Weekend Shenzhen, shared his excitement about the city of Shenzhen as being a hotspot for the Asian tech startup scene, electronics manufacturing, production base and HQ of many companies: Apple, conglomerates like TCL, Huawei, Tencent, and many more. With a population close to 20 million, an astonishing total GDP of USD 266 billion and an hour away from Hong Kong city center, Kevin would like the crowd to promote the city of future in its true colour.

Next speaker Miss Karolina Mika shared her amazing story about how she actually discovered her passion for sports where she has started running 20 minutes a day, and her passion evolved into running marathons – she won the 4th place on a three-days long ultra-marathon in Nepal.

PierreKevinKarolina Mika

Mr. Bo Wang, the moderator, called for a break where people had a chance to sort out their thoughts, exchange their views and pick some finger food while drinking tasty wine sponsored by the partner of the event, NOA labs.


Mrs. Lilo Liu shared how personal motivation can bring you success beyond imagination – while she was working in a real-estate business, she was ultimately unhappy and not healthy. She decided to start her own company selling fresh and healthy salads and named it ‘Sexy Salad’ after which she turned it into a very successful business with deliveries over hundred of places in Shenzhen.

Mr. Ludovic Krundel elaborated that our thoughts have real energy and effect. Besides being positive, we should look at AI and Robots just as tools. In fact, at the beginning of development of robotics, Japanese future-proofed robots were made small to make sure they can be controlled. Last speaker Mrs. Justyna Skonwron shared her passion for yoga. In Shenzhen Yoga community is quite big, as more and more people find it hard to relax due to their busy lifestyles.

LiluLudovic KrundelJustyna

Before Mr. Bo Wang closed the talks, Mr. Alex Murawski, founder and CEO of NOA Labs, expressed his satisfaction with the results of this event and the opportunity NOA Labs had to support its idea and to make this event happen. Especially because this is the core business of NOA Labs: bringing people, startups and companies from idea to market.
Sometimes with a simple support like sponsoring or investing but mostly with multiple services along the product lifecycle from idea over design, development and prototyping through crowdfunding into mass production, sales and fulfillment.