On the source of Resources for Hardware Startups: HWTrek Meetup 2016


On the source of Resources for Hardware Startups: HWTrek Meetup 2016

HWTrek Meetup 2016

Yesterday in Shenzhen was held an amazing event for 30 hardware startups who were looking for investors and partners. HWTrek is an Asian platform for connecting Creators with Experts. The target is to help startups to find right partners for bringing their idea to market. People from HWTrek have known that NOA Labs has a very long list of resources for helping those startups and they were very kind to provide us more than just an invitation for this event. We would be glad to share a bit of atmosphere with you.

HWTrek CEO Lucas Wang is opening the Meetup

Audience hungry of new technology

A part of the audience couldn’t find even a place for standing. Many of them are those who are offering different services such are manufacturing, mass production, product development, prototyping, logistics and other. There were not many turnkey solutions as NOA Labs.

BLOCKS – The world’s first modular smartwatch

Worth mentioning – the world’s first modular smartphone case, also known as nexpaq, actually started its development here at NOA Labs. Overmore, till two months ago we were sharing offices with nexpaq team but we both grew so big that younger company had to find another office building.

BRCK – African startup in education wants to connect another half of world’s population

REVOLIGHTS – revolution in cycling safety

The atmosphere were literately hot. Each of these 30 startups had a chance to experience swarms of potential partners who are actually approaching them. Back on the West, hardware startups are desperate to find a right partner. By coming to Shenzhen, they are becoming fully aware of the resources available here. Our suggestion would be: find a partner who you feel comfortable working with.

We would like to congratulate all startups for their pitches and HWTrek for organizing this Meetup. We look forward to following and supporting more successful events such as this one.