NOA Labs led a group of Top Executives through the Factory of the World


NOA Labs led a group of Top Executives through the Factory of the World

DJI_Meeting Room Tingting talks

NOA Labs led a group of top German executives through the factory of the world. Most of the participants are attending a unique China program of WHU Elite Business Management School, which attracts top-level executives from the biggest German conglomerates like TÜV Nord, BMW, Hewlett Packard, BRITA, Hilti, Dirk Rossmann and many others (and we do apologize for not mentioning all the companies). Interestingly, some of the attendees who visited Shenzhen 10 or 20 years ago, were very surprised how the city became the electronics megalopolis. By the way, Shenzhen is the fastest growing city in human history.

MakerSpace03 Welcome good photo AlexMakerSpace01 Chines working Alex talking

Welcome at SEG Maker+ at SEG Plaza Building in Huaqiang Bei

Otto Beisheim School of Management is the elite high education institution; the best in Germany. It also ranks as one of best quality business management programs in Europe and worldwide. Every two years, participants of the special MBA program have their China week, and we have been asked by Astrid Oldekop and Prof. Rebecca Winkelmann from the school to organize one day tour in Shenzhen. Also worth mentioning, in the past, NOA Labs has been a host to a group of the high-level executives from Jaguar and Land Rover on their exploration trip through Shenzhen.

The city is very exciting and attractive to a group of the high-level executives, even though many people worldwide are not entirely aware of that as many Europeans and North Americans do not know the complete story of Shenzhen and its role on the world’s industrial map. The Pearl River Delta (PRD) is de facto the factory of the world, while Shenzhen is the capital of electronics. The local Shenzhen government invested Billions of Chinese yuan into the promotion of hardware startups, makerspaces, and factories for mass production. In Shenzhen, one can find more than 200 maker and co-working spaces for hardware guys. In fact, the largest electronics market in the world (Hua Qiang Bei) gives easy access to a countless number of spare parts, gadgets, and ideas for makers and inventors.

MakerSpace04 Fish Pond

Robo-fish amazed people at SEG Maker+

We’ve asked Koko, the COO of SEG Maker+ co-working and maker space (one of the best in Huaqiang Bei and Shenzhen) to host our guests and give them a shining example of a financially backed makerspace, conveniently positioned in the heart of the electronics market. SEG Maker+ allows people to apply for funds or just to use their coworking space, as well as use machines and tools like CNC or 3D printing machines. The CEO of NOA Labs, Mr. Alex Murawski held a presentation about Shenzhen and PRD, as this is perfectly reflecting why he has decided to establish NOA Labs operations in China. To show our guests what the electronic market is, Mr. Murawski led the group trough the market a little bit to get the best impression of what can be found right on the spot for a few bucks.

the pangling2514134491997784165

Astonishing view from the restaurant at The Pangling Hotel

As all great minds get hungry after some time the right question was where to eat in Shenzhen? The Pangling Hotel with a cupola starting at the 50th floor is the best choice for first-time visitors. The whole floor is revolving (in 2 hours full circle), so you can experience a beautiful view of 20 million people Shenzhen. The buffet is great, too, even for most demanding food lovers.

After the lunch, we have continued our tour to the headquarter of DJI, the best commercial drone producers in the world, globally known for the quality, design, and competitive price. They are taking 70% of the value of drone market. Mrs. Tingting He hosted us and told us a marvelous story of DJI, showed us their museum and at the end performed a demo flight of one of their famous Phantoms.

DJI_03 Museum

DJI_Dron Demo

Visiting the museum at DJI’s headquarter and demo flight

In the end, we’ve got excellent feedback from the group. It is not enough to hear stories about Shenzhen – you need to get that experience! It is fast, rich with opportunities, innovative, nice, and new. We successfully shared the excitement of living in such city with our German guest. If you would like to visit Shenzhen, feel free to get in touch with us.

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