Mixer Event: Exploring the Boundaries of AI and Robotics


Mixer Event: Exploring the Boundaries of AI and Robotics

Mixer AI & Robotics Event Shenzhen Crowd

On Saturday 19th of March, a sophisticated and dynamic Robotics and (AI) Artificial Intelligence Mixer event was held at Bao’an Library in Shenzhen, sponsored by Bao’an Economic Promotion Bureau. Mixer is a platform event for introduction of economical potential of Bao’an District to the world, Shenzhen’s industrial part where many manufacturers and businesses are settled. Mixer has started in 2015 and it’s held every 2-3 months in English with a specific topic. Previous one, which NOA Labs also attended, was focused on Industrial Design. The very hot topic of Robotics and artificial intelligence brought together around 120 attendees in a modern and spacious Bao’an Library’s conference room to hear about the opportunities and boundaries of AI, Google’s Deepmind, algorithms, human intelligence and the future of our world.

Mixer AI & Robotics Event Shenzhen NOA Labs

NOA Labs showcasing their products

The event was segmented into 3 parts – the first part was the showcase of innovative companies and products they’ve developed. NOA Labs was one of the companies exhibiting some of the amazing products developed in the past, that are innovative and very inspiring for the audience such as the Lumio or a remotely controlled robot built with 1Sheeld. Besides NOA, Dobot and HWtrek showed their products.

The second part of the Mixer event was reserved for expert speakers, both of which have robotics and AI as the core of their work, MSc. Gavenraj Sodhi ”Raj” and Dr. Ludovic Krundel.

Mixer AI & Robotics Event Shenzhen Frank

Frank Chen from Bao’An government department

On behalf of the Bao’an Government, Mr Frank Chen welcomed everybody. He also talked about the platform his Bureau uses to help people understand where to produce tech products. In addition, he also pointed out the value of participating in this event that is to bring professionals from different industries who share their knowledge in the conference alike atmosphere.

Mixer AI & Robotics Event Shenzhen Raj

Gavenraj Sodhi from 7 Senses Lab aka “Raj”

First who gave a catching speech, in some parts even a lecture, was Mr Sodhi who is the founder and CEO of 7 Senses Labs company. 7 senses lab is dedicated to enriching the educational process through developing AI for educational purposes. Benefits of doing so are obvious – the first one relies on the fact that children are naturally interested in interactive content stimulants, so they are very likely to engage with robots. Also, AI will be able to deliver more personalized learning experience inside the same classroom at the same time, and moreover checking the progress of each child will help parents and teachers to direct study. Overall, a robot teacher would be complementary to many teachers and introduction of better learning environments. Of course, since education is a topic that is on everyone’s mind, people were very interested to ask about effects and studies that secures the safety of such use of AI as well as studies that prove that robots can teach better than teachers. Mr. Sodhi then mentioned a couple of studies which have been conducted, but the general impression is that those studies haven’t researched the whole educational process enough, especially when it comes to the age of participants. AI in education is something that society should definitely discuss widely since all parents would like to know how robots are teaching their children. After each session, a question and answer part ensured the involvement of the audience and participants of the event, where Mr Alex Murawski, the Founder and CEO of NOA Labs and Nick Dimitrijevic, a Business Development Manager at NOA Labs have entered a discussion over this topic.

Mixer AI & Robotics Event Shenzhen Ludovic

Ludovic Krundel

So, a logical question would be: When is the beginning and an end of AI and Robots? Mr. Ludovic Krundel, an independent scientist and a maker, who is involved in many startups projects and science of AI, shared with the audience his extraordinary background through which he has started asking himself exactly this question. During his work at Philips he was asked to make a circuit that will multiply itself. There he started asking those “what if” questions which led him to the conclusion that we shouldn’t be so excited about robots and AI, actually we should use them strictly as tools, tightly secured.

After the networking, refreshments and cakes break, the floor was taken by Mr. Hans Stam, an Arduino expert, who held a workshop for beginners on how to make a traffic light with Arduino. He believes it is time to start demystifying making of new things and encourage people to make things by themselves.

Mixer AI & Robotics Event Shenzhen Hans Stam Arduino Workshop

Arduino workshop

After the Mixer was officially closed, 2 buses transported attendees to Shenzhen’s free trade zone, with a courtesy of SIDA – Shenzhen Industrial Design Association. Ms. Yina Song introduced SIDA as a platform for companies and makers to access some the world’s renowned designers like Mr. Karim Rashid and Mr. Stefano Giovannoni, as well as reach for governmental support to make the very innovation that Shenzhen is famous in the world for. In a relaxed atmosphere, SIDA offered free pizza and beer to attendees and invited everyone to join the discussion and create synergies in the field of product development.

Mixer AI & Robotics Event Shenzhen NOA Labs Team Showcase

NOA Labs Team

Due to this event being highly attended and valued in start-up circles, organizers, participants, visitors and NOA Labs team were very pleased with the outcome of this event and a chance to support it as a group of people who live the maker and start up life, devoting ourselves to make ideas into reality.



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