8th Designer Meetup Follow Up in Shenzhen, China


8th Designer Meetup Follow Up in Shenzhen, China

Last weekend was held the 8th Designer Meetup in Shenzhen, organized by Madrasters (Design Community) and sponsored by our company, NOA Labs. This gathering almost brought a hundred people altogether, listening and discussing around few topics, such as artificial intelligence, branding insights, fashion design and wearables, and much more.

Alex Murawski, founder and CEO of NOA Labs started this event by introducing to the crowd the different product life cycle necessary steps and the importance of design when generating ideas at its beginning. He also focused on Shenzhen, considered as one of the best environment for innovation and prototyping, allowing NOA Labs to achieve 611 projects in three years of activity. Below are few slides of his Powerpoint presentation:

why noa labs

noa labs projects

During his presentation, he got to tease the crowd by saying few words about the next project he will be part of, but at the moment, the only way to know more about it is either to stay tuned or to contact us. The only thing we can say is that it will be related to Shenzhen and some communities:

teaser shenzhen blog


Rodny Mella was second in line to guide the public from imagination to realization, with a very interesting presentation-portfolio, more than impressive if we take in consideration the fact that Mr Mella, Chief Design Officer of Fantem Technologies is actually color-blind since many years. Tiago Abreu, senior designer at X-Lab Team and TCL Multimedia (also former workmate of Saravana Kumar, organizer of the event), kept the people awake by giving them the reasons of why wearables companies and fashion designers started more and more alliances. Gavenraj Sodhi, co-founder and CEO of 7 Senses labs introduced to us how AI could be a good asset for education purposes and gave us some hints of AI future in the next few years. Saravana Kumar, organizer of the event and skilled designer, was the last one giving a speech before the final networking round, elaborating the importance of branding when designing.

8th designer meetup shenzhen event8th designer meetup shenzhen event

This event was obviously a success and we are definitely looking for the next one!

If you want to get more details of what happened during this event, we invite you to check Patrick Nickol’s excellent article on Medium.

8th designer meetup shenzhen event