Hardware Ops

Hardware Ops

Mission Objectives:

Potential skills:
  • Scouting
  • Informing
  • Manufacturing
  • Discovering

See and learn all manufacturing processes.


Enter workshops on how to build your product and crowdfunding campaign.


Get connected with the biggest innovation hub in Asia.


Learn to avoid problems by experiencing Chinese business culture.

The Truth about Manufacturing in China for Startups

For SMEs and startups to succeed, sourcing and manufacturing in China are crucial. If you aren’t doing it, your competition will and the price advantages that they gain will allow them to offer the same quality products as you, but at much lower prices. It’s the very reason that iPhone is designed in California but manufactured in China.

However, the truth is that success in China is a tough battle for quality control, IP protection and understanding of cultural differences. Hardware Ops is designed to put your boots on the ground in China and give you the know-how and tools essential for success.

Avoid the risks

For the typical newcomer, China has a way of exposing any weakness or inexperience. Arriving in China to do business for the first time with no network or relationships, no understanding of the culture or language and attempting to succeed is a superhuman task. Many have lost everything and watched their dream fade away while trying to access the richest pond of resources in the world. But there is a way…

Access to Resources

There is no faster or better place in the universe to create hardware but don’t enter the ring without training. Hardware Ops will prepare you with a deep understanding of what makes China tick and what strategies are necessary to access all its valuable resources. Our team will guide you step-by-step as you learn how to take advantage of everything China has to offer.

Prepare to Win

We have taken years of experience of prototyping and manufacturing in China and created a specialized training program that will give you the knowledge and methods to succeed in China. Our battle-wise specialists will share the tips and techniques that we have used to take hundreds of products from idea to market. Get the intel you need, plan your strategy and prepare to win before facing the front lines of hardware dev.

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