During product design, we are guided by the idea that we are designing for people. We begin by defining the optimal product vision, then develop a strategy and design process that satisfies the needs of the end user.

Define product

To define a product it is essential to understand that a device itself, is not a product. A complete product design process must also consider if the product is technically and commercial viable. Before starting the product design process a feasibility study is conducted.

Concept design

Conceptualizing is based on a client's business intentions and the target market, but more than anything the very nature of the product. In this phase we implement the 80/20 rule with 80% of the design being defined before moving on to the next step.

Develop design

Our international design team has the advantage of seamless cooperation with our in-house R&D engineers who simultaneously test all the design process phases for manufacturing, assembly and distribution feasibility.

Finalize design

At every stage of the design process, our team can deliver solutions and production ready files to our R&D team or other manufacturers to keep your project on schedule.


Brand Identity design is more than just a set of visuals presenting your product or service. It is an experience that prompts an emotional response in a person. A brand is born the moment that people begin to collectively experience your product in the same way.

Brand Story

This story will define your brand vision and goals. It will distinguish you from your competitors and serve as a reminder to everyone promoting your brand in the future. Our task is to represent this vision in the most effective way possible using words and graphics.

Brand Idea

Designing a logo is not just about standing out from the crowd and reflecting your brand identity. It's the most powerful means of visual communication between your brand and people. That communication should always highlight your brand idea.

Brand assets

All the elements used in visual communication: The font, the colors, logo and icons, mascots and other recognizable visuals that work together to tell the unique story of your brand.

Brand Guidelines

The best way to define a brand and keep it consistent is through powerful brand visuals which are instantly recognizable regardless of context. If you take the BMW logo from the car, people still recognize it's a BMW. That is the sign of a consistent brand.

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As a turn-key solution company we often design packaging for a product that is still in development. That gives us a great advantage in making sure it will perfectly suit the final product. In some cases, the packaging becomes a part of the product itself! Packaging your product in the same place it’s being produced is efficient and convenient.

Define requirements

Is your product being sold on a retail shelf where the packaging must demonstrate and promote the product? Or is it being delivered directly to customers with a working knowledge of the device? It makes a huge difference in the packaging. Our first step is to define the product’s particular requirements.

Concept design

Conceptualizing different approaches is done with special intention to maximize the selling effect, product protectivity and brand consistency while keeping the cost low. We offer both the Off-the-shelf solutions and unique packaging design.

Develop design

Combining the constructional and graphic design skills of our experts with a virtually endless choice of materials and styles allows us to meet any client’s needs with ease and prototype each iteration at a low cost.

Finalize design

Whether you choose to let us take care of the packaging production, product packing and shipment or you have it covered elsewhere we provide production ready files and high quality images for your promotional needs.

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Good user experience is the key to a successful business. Your product (device, app, web content...) must communicate to your customer. It is our job to make sure your customers' experience will be a memorable and enjoyable one that they will recommend to others.

Define requirements

It starts with answering questions such as:
- Who's your target market?
- What will they use it for?
- What are the use case scenarios?
- How many usage levels are there?
- Which platforms should it cover?
- ...

UX wireframe

Once we know exactly what we are creating, it’s time to test different ideas. All the functions and interactions are tested at this stage before any unnecessary time is spent on the UI design.

UI design

Like a well-designed logo, each part of the user interface silently communicates a feeling or idea. Even the smallest icon can make a difference between a pleasant or frustrating user experience.


No matter how experienced a designer might be, valid testing results can only be obtained from real potential customers. Even before a beta version of a functioning APP or web content, we can provide a working mockup that looks exactly like the finished design.

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Yes, an image is worth a thousand words (and video is even better!) but what kind of image properly conveys your brand ethos? The emotional impact that the right product image has on a potential buyer is priceless and when you add compelling video, the results can be truly amazing. We make visual images that make your product unforgettable.

Product images

Whether it is a high quality product photo, a rendering or an informative image showing your product’s functions, abilities, and quality... the images we select create a powerful connection with the user.

Social media (ADS)

Creating and posting a nice product photo on the oversaturated web of today is simply not enough to move the needle. Every image should be tailored and tweaked to perfectly suit the channel or network where it will appear. We create AD images that stand out and tell a story.

Promotion video

Humanize your business communication. Seeing and hearing real people behind the brand helps to develop trust with customers. We create attention-grabbing promotional videos that get your brand’s message heard. It’s a perfect way to introduce yourself.

Crowdfunding video

As the first thing people see when they land on the page, the video is definitely the most important part of every crowdfunding campaign. From mild to wild, we offer a video solution to perfectly fit your budget, product, and style. Our videos get your product and campaign seen.

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