About Us

About Us

We are your Execution Engine!

We at NOA Labs believe in your power to innovate and to see a unique market need. We believe also that a great idea will just stay an idea without a strong team who has the skills and experience to bring it from idea to market. Facing this challenge by ourselves we built a special task force which is specializing on every aspect of the product life cycle. A team with the right mixture of skills, experience, creativity, precision, love and passion to turn every product we start into a success story.

NOA Labs was founded in 2012 by the German engineer Lech Alexander Murawski who is holding a Master of Science in Mechatronics from the Dresden University of Technology and worked before in Japan, Germany, USA and China for companies like BMW, TUV and Airbus on various challenging projects.

He has been also Co-Founder of nexpaq.com, Makeblock.cc and Senic.com and alumni of HAX and Y Combinator which gave him strong connections in Germany and Silicon Valley and solid experience in developing and manufacturing in Asia. Today he drives NOA Labs with precision and passion to make New Product Development accessible to everyone.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to become the world's number one turnkey solution along the product life cycle. Bringing startups, innovators and SMEs all over the world from Idea to Market as simple as Uber brings you from A to B:

Easy, fast, transparent and cost efficient.
Highly optimized, repeatable and scalable.


We believe in the 21st century everyone has to think global and has to combine the best resources available on this planet. Especially as a young startup or SME with limited resources. If you don't do it then your competition will do it and leave you behind.

Founded our company originally in Munich in Germany we moved our headquarter 2012 to Hong Kong and Shenzhen at the edge of China. Here we have the best preconditions to deliver German Engineering combined with the speed, price and possibilities of China. This area called “Factory of the World” is the world’s biggest and fastest growing region for manufacturing, prototyping and production. We are connected to a network of the world’s best factories for all kind of products in all quantities, a broad network for sourcing all kind of components and different logistic providers for fast global shipping.

Using Hong Kong as platform we can reach also other factories in Asia very fast and thanks to the good connectivity of the International Airport in Hong Kong also our customers in Europe, America and all over the world within hours. As Hong Kong uses British law and language you don’t have to be afraid of IP problems or other legal issues as we have to take care of it. And we are doing it. By working only with partners we trust 100 percent. Plus mixing and matching our supply chain in such a way that none of them knows too much about your entire product.

As most of our customers are coming from USA, Europe, Japan and Australia but also more and more customers from Middle East, India, Africa and South America we plan step by step open further offices in these regions.